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Posted on: February 20th, 2024 by libertyperformance

Welcome to our exclusive newsletter, where high-performance meets high-quality with Liberty Performance’s newly featured products. Our engines roar louder and last longer, and we’re excited to showcase the latest in automotive finesse—a line of top-tier Stainless Steel and Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms that will give your ride the Liberty Performance edge.

⚙️ Featured Product Spotlight – Roller Rocker Arms

????️ Stainless Steel Roller Rocker Arms

Stainless Steel – Crafted for the enthusiast seeking no-compromise durability and precision:

  • Premium HD Stainless Steel Material: Brawn meets beauty—engineered for peak performance.
  • Enhanced Needle Bearing Design: Precision that equates to unyielding strength.
  • Oversized Trunnions & Poly Locks Included: Every part robust, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • Extra Rigid Design: For those who push their engines to the limits.

✨ Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

Aluminum – Lightweight yet resilient; the futuristic upgrade your vehicle deserves:

  • 2024 Aluminum Construction: Superb strength-to-weight ratio for a higher performance ceiling.
  • High Load Trunnion and Roller Tip: Endurance that outpaces the most demanding conditions.
  • Contoured & Directed Oiling Features: A well-oiled machine is the secret to everlasting engine life.
  • Premium Poly Locks: Because your peace of mind is non-negotiable.



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Stay tuned for more updates—because when it comes to performance, we’re just getting started. Keep that pedal to the metal! – Power, endurance, liberty…