Crank It Up – Unleash Your Engine’s True Potential!

Posted on: March 19th, 2024 by libertyperformance

Hello, gearheads and speed enthusiasts!


At Liberty Performance, we understand the adrenaline rush that comes with the roar of a powerful engine, the thrill of speed, and the precise dance of performance driving. That’s why we’re revved up to bring you the latest and greatest in high-performance engine parts. In this edition, we’re spotlighting our newest product that’s geared to turbocharge your muscle or race car’s performance.


Introducing the Game-Changer in Engine Performance

Mastery in Motion – LPC HEMI Crankshaft

Our latest offering is designed to put unparalleled power under your hood. Here’s what makes our Stroke 4.050″ with a Minimum Rod Length of 6.125″ a must-have for any serious driver:


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Maximized Stroke Length: Our crankshaft is engineered to maximize the stroke to 4.050 inches, ensuring every last ounce of power is extracted from the combustion process.
  • Optimal Rod Length: With a minimum rod length of 6.125 inches, you benefit from improved piston position, smoother acceleration, and overall enhanced engine dynamics.
  • Uncompromised Quality: Constructed with the finest materials and engineered to perfection. Liberty Performance gives your machine the heart of a champion.
  • Extreme Durability: Built to endure the most punishing conditions, ensuring that your engine’s performance is consistent, lap after lap, mile after mile.
  • Precision Engineering: Fine-tuned for the exacting demands of high-performance and racing applications.
  • Whether you’re burning rubber on the drag strip, cornering tightly on a track day, or just wanting that extra edge on the street, our new crankshaft component is your ticket to peak performance.


Why Choose Liberty Performance?

  • Excellence in Engineering: Our dedication to precision and quality means every part we produce meets rigorous standards.
  • Passion for Performance: We’re car enthusiasts, just like you. We only sell products that we’d be proud to use in our own vehicles.
  • Committed Support: Our team is available to help you make the best choices for your car’s performance needs.

Act Now for a Special Offer:

For a limited time, when you purchase the Stroke 4.050″ Minimum Rod Length 6.125″, you’ll receive an exclusive discount. It’s our way of helping you cross the finish line faster, without breaking the bank.

Click here to turbocharge your ride!


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