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Performance Oil Pumps & Systems


Let’s take a look at the component which can be considered the heart of your engine, the oil pump. Whether it’s a wet sump, dry sump, crank driven, shaft driven, etc. it is responsible for supplying the required oil which no engine can operate without. There are many types available along with different delivery systems as well as some new technology in the works.... Read More

Bearing The Load


Engine bearings, those very important steel and aluminum shells that keep everything spinning as it should, are more complex than ever before. Material designs and compositions have evolved into some serious, load handling pieces compared to the parts of long ago. Let’s take a look at the various aspects pertaining to the bearings for crankshaft main journals and camshafts.... Read More

High Performance Pistons


Let’s take a look at the various aspects of pistons designed for performance and competition engines. If we consider the extreme environment that regular cast replacement pistons operate in with the combustion pressures and high temperatures, it’s quickly apparent that when these values are increased it necessitates using a much more efficient component that can withstand the elevated levels. We can also add to that the much higher and/or sustained RPM’s of the engine that could quickly devastate a normal cast part.... Read More

Rocker Arms - Connecting Up Your Valve Train


The rocker arms in your engine have one simple but very important function, transferring the opening and closing events from the camshaft to your valves. They do so by converting the radial movement of the cam lobe into linear movement at the valve. The amount of lift that is achieved is determined by the ratio of the rocker arm which will dictate the actual distance that the valves travel from the valve seats... Read More



Building a show-stopping custom is no easy task. From the initial concept to the finished product, a project of this magnitude usually takes multiple builds to perfect. Keith Sayers achieved perfection in his first attempt. This tricked-out 1953 Ford F-250 is loaded to the brim with ingenuity and creativity—it's a reflection of Keith's natural talent.... Read More



Rocker arms play an important role in an internal combustion engine. They are put under a tremendous amount of stress through every rotation of the engine. In a typical V8 OHV engine, the rocker arm reciprocates millions of times through its life cycle.... Read More