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Building a show-stopping custom is no easy task. From the initial concept to the finished product, a project of this magnitude usually takes multiple builds to perfect. Keith Sayers achieved perfection in his first attempt. This tricked-out 1953 Ford F-250 is loaded to the brim with ingenuity and creativity—it’s a reflection of Keith’s natural talent.

Growing up around cars, Keith is no stranger to working under a hood. “My mom raced stock cars when I was a kid,” he says. “When I got older, I helped my friends work on their mini trucks. I also helped my brother build his ’66 Nova.” Armed with all of that hands-on know-how and the drive to build himself a vehicle, Keith began searching for his dream machine. Driving home from work one evening, Keith spotted an old Ford farm truck for sale. “I’ve always wanted a ’50s Ford truck. I love the rolling fenders and the mean look of the grille,” he explains. … Continue reading