Heads Up On These LPC Big Block Chevy Bare Cylinder Heads


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In this issue, we’re revving up interest in an essential component that’s sure to enhance your machine’s prowess – the LPC Big Block Chevy Bare Cylinder Head.


The Powerhouse Upgrade You’ve Been Waiting For!

The LPC Big Block Chevy Bare Cylinder Head is what every high-performance engine enthusiast dreams of. With its 320cc intake runner and 122cc combustion chamber, this bare cylinder head promises to deliver superior airflow and combustion efficiency, taking your ride to the next level of performance.


Whether you’re cruising on the street in your muscle car, or you live for the adrenaline rush of the racetrack, this cylinder head is the upgrade your vehicle deserves. Engineered for power and precision, the LPC Big Block Chevy will help you push the limits of speed and performance.

Crank It Up – Unleash Your Engine’s True Potential!

Hello, gearheads and speed enthusiasts!


At Liberty Performance, we understand the adrenaline rush that comes with the roar of a powerful engine, the thrill of speed, and the precise dance of performance driving. That’s why we’re revved up to bring you the latest and greatest in high-performance engine parts. In this edition, we’re spotlighting our newest product that’s geared to turbocharge your muscle or race car’s performance.


Introducing the Game-Changer in Engine Performance

Mastery in Motion – LPC HEMI Crankshaft

Our latest offering is designed to put unparalleled power under your hood. Here’s what makes our Stroke 4.050″ with a Minimum Rod Length of 6.125″ a must-have for any serious driver:


Key Features and Benefits: Maximized Stroke Length: Our crankshaft is engineered to maximize the stroke to 4.050 inches, ensuring every last ounce of power is extracted from the combustion process. Optimal Rod Length: With a minimum rod length of 6.125 inches,

Perfect Timing to Upgrade Your Timing Sets


Hello Muscle Car Enthusiasts! 

Upgrade Your Timing Sets Now!

Do you hear the call of the open road? The growl of your engine revving to life? It’s a sign—your muscle car is ready to ascend to new heights of performance. The time is ripe for an upgrade, and Liberty Performance has exactly what you need!

Visit our Timing Sets Collection and give your ride the gift of precise timing and exceptional endurance. Your beast’s heart deserves the best, and that’s where our cutting-edge timing sets come into play.


What’s New at Liberty Performance?

Our shelves are stocked with the finest engine parts that will make your muscle car purr with power and grace. With Liberty Performance Components, you’re not just maintaining your machine; you’re evolving it.


Why Upgrade Now?

Updating your timing set can mean the difference between winning and simply participating. With Liberty Performance, your muscle car will thank you every

Extreme Performance, Astonishing Deals!

Are you ready to supercharge your high-performance engine? Fasten your seatbelts because our blowout sale is here and it’s nothing short of epic!


Unleash the Power of Your Chevy LS Engine

Introducing the Xtreme Series Chevy LS Series I-Beam Connecting Rods, engineered for those who demand the pinnacle of performance.

Top Features Include:

Machined from Premium Grade 4340 Forgings: Unmatched quality for unyielding strength. Robust Tower Flanges & Twin Rib Caps: Reinforced construction means resistance to bend and twist. Supports an Astounding 1600 HP: Get ready for a surge of power that’ll have you gripping the wheel with excitement. Big End Design: Offers extra clearance for a smooth, no-snag rotation. Standard with ARP L-19 Fasteners: Because your beast deserves the best in the business. Pin End Compatibility: Perfect fit for both standard and FSR-type pistons.

Check out the details and secure yours today!


Time is of the Essence!

With the kind of power

Are You Ready For More Performance?

Welcome to our exclusive newsletter, where high-performance meets high-quality with Liberty Performance’s newly featured products. Our engines roar louder and last longer, and we’re excited to showcase the latest in automotive finesse—a line of top-tier Stainless Steel and Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms that will give your ride the Liberty Performance edge.

⚙️ Featured Product Spotlight – Roller Rocker Arms

????️ Stainless Steel Roller Rocker Arms

Stainless Steel – Crafted for the enthusiast seeking no-compromise durability and precision:

Premium HD Stainless Steel Material: Brawn meets beauty—engineered for peak performance. Enhanced Needle Bearing Design: Precision that equates to unyielding strength. Oversized Trunnions & Poly Locks Included: Every part robust, ensuring longevity and reliability. Extra Rigid Design: For those who push their engines to the limits. ✨ Aluminum Roller Rocker Arms

Aluminum – Lightweight yet resilient; the futuristic upgrade your vehicle deserves:

2024 Aluminum Construction: Superb strength-to-weight ratio for a higher performance ceiling. High Load Trunnion

Check out Our Final Featured Product for January 2024 – Liberty Performance Components Stroke 4.000″ Minimum Rod Length 6.125″ Main Journal LT (GEN V)

Alright avid racing enthusiasts or fanatics, you understand how important having quality performance components can affect your car’s overall performance. That is why we are excited to introduce our featured product for January 2024 – Liberty Performance Components Stroke 4.000″ Minimum Rod Length 6.125″ Main Journal LT (GEN V).


At Liberty Performance Components, we pride ourselves on providing our clients top-notch engine parts, unbeatable customer service, and affordable pricing. Our featured product is one of the top-performance components that we can offer to our clients and customers. 


The Liberty Performance Components Stroke 4.000″ Minimum Rod Length 6.125″ Main Journal LT (GEN V) is an upgrade you must consider for your car. This high-performance engine component guarantees improved engine power and acceleration, which every racer desires. The Stroke 4.000” Minimum Rod Length 6.125” Main Journal LT is a highly efficient component with a unique design that ensures better air and fuel combustion, creating more

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Engine with Liberty Performance Components Assembled 225cc Intake Runner 64cc Combustion Chamber


Are you a passionate muscle car or race car owner who is always on the lookout for high-performance engine parts to enhance the power and efficiency of your vehicle? Look no further than Liberty Performance Components. For more than 25 years, we have been providing the racing world with unrivaled high-performance automotive components, exceptional customer service, and unbeatable pricing. Today, we are excited to spotlight one of our featured products for Jan 2024 – the Liberty Performance Components Assembled 225cc Intake Runner 64cc Combustion Chamber. Let’s dive in and explore the features and benefits of this impressive component.


Incredible Power and Performance Boost

The Liberty Performance Components Assembled 225cc Intake Runner 64cc Combustion Chamber is designed to help you unlock the full potential of your engine. This high-quality component enhances both the power and performance of your engine to deliver an incredible driving experience. With the increased airflow, your engine will take in

Summer Cars Are Built in the Winter: Get Your Muscle Car Ready for Summer 2024

Happy 2024 everyone! As we settle into the new year, it’s time to start thinking about getting your summer car ready for the warmer months. Just like how summer bodies are built in the winter, summer cars are built in the winter. Whether you have a classic muscle car or a high-performance race car, now is the time to start upgrading your performance parts and completing that project you’ve been putting off. Liberty Performance Components has all the parts you need to get your car ready for the road or track.


The Importance of Using The Right Performance Parts

One of the most important factors in getting your car ready for the summer is upgrading your performance parts. Whether it’s a new air intake, exhaust system, or a chip tuner, these parts will help increase the horsepower, torque, and overall performance of your vehicle. When it comes to performance parts, it’s important to not just

Why We Care: What Sets Us Apart from Other High-Performance Engine Part Sellers


As a customer looking for high-performance engine parts, you have a lot of choices in the market. So, what sets us apart from other sellers? The answer is simple – we care! We care about helping you find the right part for your build. We care about offering you great pricing, and we care about seeing your dream come to fruition. In this blog post, we’ll explain why our commitment to helping you succeed is what sets us apart in the market.


We Offer Personalized Support

One of the most significant ways we stand out from other high-performance engine part sellers is our commitment to personalized support. When you contact us, you won’t be talking to a robot or a pre-written script on the phone. Instead, you’ll be talking to an experienced and knowledgeable human who can understand your specific needs and help you find the right solution.


We’ll walk you through everything

We Like to Win!

Many racers, including Eric Roycroft, choose our Liberty Engine Components parts. Eric achieved an impressive victory at the 2019 Race Engine Challenge with his 370 cid LS3 engine, equipped with a Liberty performance LPC LPH-LS3 cylinder head. Despite the unexpected outcome, Eric’s expertise and prior experience in engine building, coupled with his innovative choice of cylinder heads, contributed to his success. Working as a shop foreman for a GM dealership, Eric brings his passion for engine building and drag racing to life.ur hands on these distributors and take your vehicle’s performance to the next level!


We love seeing our high-performance engine parts put to the test and coming out victorious!